Monday, October 20, 2014

Illustrations for - Sleeping Beauty

Very Happy I was able to contribute Illustrations for

I tried a new style for the story - Sleeping Beauty. It had to be simple but it has to tell a lot of story. The coloring was also very simple to bring the mood together. Very glad I was able to take the Story and convert it to Story Telling Illustrations. Please check out the link below.

Below are some of the Sketches.

Please leave your comments and suggestions.


  1. Thanks Aswin for contributing your wonderful illustrations for Sleeping Beauty on

    Sleeping Beauty is the most popular story on the site and it is significantly enhanced with your original take on this classic. I love the way each illustration tells a whole story.

  2. Hi Brian, I should thank you for the opportunity. It really enjoyed doing Illustration for Sleeping Beauty. Looking forward to contribute more.

  3. Aswin've never failed to surprise!! :)
    love the illustrations!!

    very happy to see your steps forward!! All the very best!!

  4. Thank you CP. Hope everything is find in your end.