Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Toad - Hans Christian Andersen

Off late I have been searching stories... yes I need stories... good stories.... which I can convert to art.
I came across the short story Toad by Hans Christien anderson.
A great one about Transcending your limits... 

Breifly, The Toad which lives in a deep WELL sees the light coming from the top and want to understand what is beyond the light. After many tries, one day he manages to get out of the WELL. The success gives the toad to see the world. It sees Caterpillers, Storks and humans... and finally after some time it realises.. THE WORLD OUTSIDE THE WELL IS ANOTHER BIGGER WELL. and it starts to explore more.. 

Now in my point of view,
Like the toad... we create our own WELL.... transcending it will only evolve us...
When we see the SUN. It is the same light ... the same light the toad saw from the WELL. It teaches that there are lot we still dont understand outside of our WELL in this world... Like the author aptly ends the story,
"We have not yet such eyes as can see into the glories which God has created, but we shall receive them by-and-by; and that will be the most beautiful story of all, and we shall all have our share in it."
Transcend your limits.

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