Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Search Within

We find that man, as it were, is always surrounded by something greater than himself, and he is trying to grasp the meaning of this. Man will ever [seek] the highest ideal. He knows that it exists and that religion is the search after the highest ideal. At first all his searches were in the external plane — placed in heaven, in different places — just according to [his grasp] of the total nature of man.

[Later,] man began to look at himself a little closer and began to find out that the real "me" was not the "me" that he stands for ordinarily. As he appears to the senses is not the same as he really is. He began to [search] inside of himself, and found out that . . . the same ideal he [had placed] outside of himself is all the time within; what he was worshipping outside was his own real inner nature.
---- Swami Vivekananda

A New Beginning

Dual Path Comics 1.0 starts the new beginning in my quest to master the Comic Art Form.

I know Master is a "BIG" word. But I need this BiGGer Goal to push myself to atleast start my Journey. Afterall Goal is the direction you need in this Journey towards Abyss.

So Stay tuned for more art works to be posted !!!!!!. Cheers